About Us

After a career of over 25 years as an international corporate executive, I have refurbished this old barn into a stylish "Home away from Home" for the corporate traveler wary of the impersonal business hotels.  Far too many times, I wished during my business travels to call a place "home" instead of getting the same old tired smiles from the Check In Desk and walking a mile-long hallway before getting into the ubiquitous impersonal Business Deluxe hotel room...


From a Retired Corporate Traveler to an Active Corporate Traveler.


We all know it, after years on the road for the company, the thrill is gone and the life style of traveling in class just a faded memory thanks to low cost, low quality and zero service providers imposed by the Purchasing Department.  

We offer, at a lower price than a sad business hotel, a fully-serviced quiet and unique home environment - fully equipped for your 24/7 presence on the corporate deck.  

The difference? Just after that 3rd 4hr-long Webcast of the day, you can relax with a good bottle of red, cook your own meal, take a walk through the village or the woods or wander on to the local urban or rural attractions.